A Jurnalist : The Advebture is Never Ending…!


A Journalist :

The Adventure is Never Ending ..!

Name : Sri Wahyuni

Address : Jln. Mojo 15 Nogotirto

place of birth : Purbalingga

date of birth : 12 juni 1965

Occupation: Journalist, Jakarta Post

The adventure is never ending is the motto from  Ms. sri wahyuni, a journalist who has served for more than 30 years. She began her career in the world of journalists since the still school in IKIP until now. She admitted was started from indulgence she read all something, and finally bring the plunge into a world of journalism.

At first she read a leaflet about free education pioneered by Asia foundation. She follows a selection from the 300 people and filtered into 30 people and finally received only 12 more than 300 people. From there she started knows journalistic.

She graduates English Education  from IKIP Yogyakarta or now known as the UNY. in official she started a career in journalism in 1988 in the newspaper Kedaulatan Rakyat , But before she has also been dabbling world’s journalistic in a environment magazine. Then in 1989 she moved to Tempo newspaper Yogyakarta and she shortly in Yogyakarta in 1990, she moved from Yogyakarta to Jakarta Tempo newspaper until 1994. After it in the 1994-1995s she worked in the Indonesia media and Jakarta post newspaper.

In media Indonesia she worked at the criminal and the law but in media indonesia she also didn’t last long. She establishes herself working in Jakarta post of 1996 until now him. He admitted happiness and sadness in journalism is happy was able to a venturous wherever and whenever, because she had fallen in love at the beginning  be acquainted with journalistic so a feeling of love to journalistic it ‘ s growing naturally, she said.

At the first is the barriers are permission from parents who did not allow to work as a journalist, but God bless I am biased to convince my parents to question their concern. Keep the second is my better expert in disguise; because reporters prosecuted must also bias in disguise, once she disguised as people lost that refractive board a barge ship to investigate. and the last was physical condition me now less supports for venturous again  . She most important if you want to be a good reporters, and she does not ever want to receive an envelope, because it would affect the performance of us and deeply affect us, the style of writing. She said.


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